Sunday, November 13, 2016

Exhibition "Uncertain Journey" of Chiharu Shiota

In its last day of display I have captured the incredible exhibition-installation of Chiharu Shiota called "Uncertain Journey" at Blain Southern Berlin. In case you haven't got to see it and you have missed it, you can see it here through my eyes and lenses...

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Goran Bregovic and his Wedding & Funeral Band played in Berlin on Sunday evening, on the 30th of October, at Konzerthaus Berlin.
As I come from Balkans as well, I wanted to experience a concert of Goran Bregovic...and it was my first concert of this style so far. Surrounded by people who started speaking with me in Serbian most of the show, I enjoyed it fully and would go again twice with eyes closed.

If you were not there and you want to get a glimpse of what happened, take a look:

Source and special thanks to: ask helmut 

"How to become a Berliner in one hour" by Karsten Kaie

"How to become a Berliner in one hour" is a stand-up comedy show by Karsten Kaie, presented every Tuesday night at Comedy Club Kookaburra.    
I was there previously once to this show and I enjoyed it and second time I promised myself that I would go with my camera to photograph it. Therefor, here it is: one of my favorite stand-up comedy shows in Berlin.

As Karsten Kaie says, after the show you'll act like a real Berliner in every situation encountered during your trip: Taxi, metro, restaurant, shop, night club…  

Just as an idea, just for you to know who you will listen for one hour. Karsten Kaie was born in Bavaria and moved to Berlin to study drama. Later on he lived in Spain and the United States. He studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York.
As Caveman as well as with his own solo shows he has been on stage all over Germany and beyond, even in Las Vegas. He also works as a keynote speaker at business events. His first book was published in August 2015.