Friday, October 12, 2018

Arte Facts Berlin

The exhibition’s title reflects that we humans have a noticeable impact on our planet.
The exhibition combines the art of the renowned US aerial photographer J Henry Fair withf acts and scientific analysis from the JRC.

How humanity and nature could thrive together:
With intriguing aerial photographs, ARTEFACTS illustrates some of the threats we humans pose to planet Earth as a result of our own economic development.
ARTEFACTS aims to illustrate the science behind the developing of European Union policies that aim to ensure that we humans can continue to increase our prosperity andm ake sensible use of natural resources, nurturing our planet's environment.
The exhibition is built around the themes of air, water, food, energy and climate.
ARTEFACTS aims to make us think about "how we want to deal with the future of our one and only planet".

The exhibiton will be telling10 stories   ; 2 stories under each of the 5 exhibition themes:Food, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Livestock, Air, Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollutants, Air Pollution "sans frontières", Climate, The Climate Challenge, Consumer Habits, Climate and Waste, Water, Water Quality and Water Re-use, Marine Plastic Litter, Energy, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Transport. 


 p.s. last but not least, been there because of Coralia Catana, my sis